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How to Break Any Type of Press and Avoid Turnovers

How to Break a Zone Press - Key Components Teams will pressure you for a number of reasons: to create turnovers, control game tempo, or wear down the opposition.

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1-4 Press Break to Score on Any Full-Court Defense

One of the most important jobs a basketball coach has is to equip players with the skills, mindset, and alignments needed to attack pressure. Each of these elements is crucial – without one, the other two are not nearly as effective. The 1-4 press break is one sound way of attacking man or zone full court pressure.

Basketball Offense - Simple Press Break, Coach's Clipboard ...

This press breaker is usually effective and is simple to teach and execute. O3 is the inbounder and gets the ball out of the net quickly to get the ball inbounds before the defense can get their press set. Do not inbound pass right under the basket, as the backboard may prevent you from making a long, overhead pass.

Basketball 2-2-1 Zone Press Breaker, Coach's Clipboard ...

The 2-2-1 zone press attempts to deny and trap the sideline at the half court line. This press could be the opponent's primary press, or could be an "adjustment" after you have beaten their press up the sidelines a few times. Now they are trying to deny the sideline. So, like any other situation in basketball, you take what they give you - you will attack up the middle.

Basketball Press Breaker - Breakthrough Basketball

This press breaker works extremely well against teams that pressure the inbounds pass. If your team is struggling to get the ball inbounds, try this play and I can almost guarantee you'll see a big difference and reduce turnovers. Personnel Player #5 and #4 are generally your post players. Players 1, 2, and 3 should be your best ball handlers.

Use the 1-4 Press Break to Beat Any Pressure Defense ...

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How to Beat a Full Court Zone Press 2-2-1 - World of Basketball

How to Beat a Full Court Zone Press 2-2-1. This is a simple and effective press break to use against 2-2-1. The play begins with players 01 and 02 breaking opposite directions. Player 02 cuts toward the ball to the left corner and player 01 cuts opposite to the right corner. Player 03 inbounds the ball to O2 and steps in to the middle of the box.

2-2-1 Press - Basketball For Coaches | Basketball Drills ...

For better or for worse, the 2-2-1 press is very effective in youth basketball because it takes advantage of most players lack of strength to pass over the top of the press. The 2-2-1 floods the front court with 4 players and forces the offense to beat the press with smart cuts and passing (which is hard for most youth players to do).

Ridiculously Simple Press Breaks Live Up To Their Name ...

We’ve decided to go the easy route and have devised our “ridiculously simple press breaks.” They are effective against zone defenses and are easy enough to install into any offense that even entry-level and youth coaches can use them. DIAGRAM 1: Press Break 1 (A). 5 passes to 2 or 1 (2 in this case) and steps inbounds. If 2 or 1 aren’t open 3 breaks to the top of the key for the pass. 4 breaks to the basket.